So we all heard that the latest Royal Wedding is bucking the trend of a traditional iced fruit cake and opting for an organic lemon and elderflower sponge cake. This sounds very novel but I feel they are only catching up and following suit with what the rest of the nation has been doing for years! The Buttercream coated Wedding Cake has been around for a couple of years now as well as the Naked Wedding Cake. It’s great to see that our modern Royal couple are putting new ideas and trends into their Wedding.

Their choice of organic lemon and elderflower flavoured cake to promote and instil sustainability and seasonality is very exciting. I like to use good quality ingredients to make my cakes, free range eggs, high quality butter, and fresh British berries in the summer. That’s what I believe makes my cake taste so good.

It’s not long now until the Wedding; I wonder what other exciting modern choices they will have made for their big day.

Hannah x

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