Even a professional cake maker needs a recipe to start with. In lots of ways cake making is reassuringly scientific; if you follow a recipe carefully and use your weights and measures exactly you are always rewarded at the end with a beautiful finished product.

By now I’m able to reel off a lemon drizzle / carrot cake / vanilla sponge without referring to my notes. But, they all had to start somewhere and finding the best recipes for our gorgeous Wedding Cakes has been an exciting and delicious journey!

I always love hearing recommendations of recipes from friends and family and thought I’d share some of my favourites here:

1.One of my very favourite baking recipes books is the original Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. It is a must have for any home baker and shares all of the classic recipes from the famous Notting Hill bakery. The book is packed with recipes you want to get stuck into, but my favourite is for the Iced Brownies. Deceptively simple but always a major crowd pleaser; this is my go-to Brownie recipe. A winner!


2. For cooking and baking inspiration I love Delicious Magazine. The recipes are well designed and the food styling is always beautiful. It’s a great magazine to sit down with a cup of tea and get some inspiration for the month ahead. They include brilliant seasonal recipes and innovative ideas for parties and entertaining.


3. The rise (no pun intended!) of the baking blog has meant an explosion of home cooks and bakers that offer totally different perspectives on baking, as well as some amazing and inventive recipes. One of the most well-loved baking blogs is Joy the Baker.



Hannah x

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